Old Barn

Doing photography with someone else helps you to see things differently. There is this old barn south of the town where I live. This morning my friend Brandt and I got up early and headed down there and waited for the sun to come up over the mountains. When it comes to things like this old barn, I’m a pretty boring photographer. I think…”back up and get the whole barn in the picture.” Brandt is really good at seeing things differently – focusing on just a corner of a structure, trying different angles and whatnot. So needless to say, this picture is a result of me watching him for a bit and then trying what he was doing. I like how this one turned out. Oh and by the way, my “whole barn” picture was pretty sad:)

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3 Responses to Old Barn

  1. brandt says:

    Barnwood never gets old.

  2. Ryan Hermann says:

    I really enjoy this picture!

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