Don’t Mess with Mama

My friend and I got word that the eggs had hatched and the owlets were born. Yay! I was so excited to go over and take a look and snap off some pictures. Having never seen newborn owlets before, I have to admit that my expectations were much higher than they should have been. I envisioned cute little versions of their mama crawling around staring at us with their big yellow eyes. I envisioned an little owlet crawling up on its mom’s head and both of them just staring at me with their big eyes, posing for me so that I could get the most adorable picture and send it into National Geographic. Okay, I may be a little delusional, but these were the fantasies I was having prior to seeing them. When Brandt and I got there however, we saw the mama and…three little white puff balls, which, from where we were standing, were difficult to distinguish from a mound of cotton balls. Not quite the National Geographic scene I envisioned but they were pretty darn cute nonetheless. We are going to go back in a week and half or so and take some more pictures once the owlets have developed a bit more and grown out of their fluffypuffness. So stay tuned!

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