Fairhaven Creek

I am at a retreat centre spending a few days by myself enjoying some quiet, books, my guitar, rest, and of course, photography. There are a couple of walking paths around the retreat centre that go through the wooded areas. I came upon this lovely little creek which I thought might make a nice composition. I used my neutral density filter in order to gain a slower shutter speed to give the water that soft milky look. I also used my polarizer filter to cut down any glare on the water. I made a couple of minor adjustments to the photo on my iPad, including adjusting the white balance to warm up the picture a little, bringing out some of the brown tones. I also paid extra attention to making sure I wasn’t close to any poison ivy! I don’t think I was. It’s been a day since I shot this…so far no rash:)


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5 Responses to Fairhaven Creek

  1. nonfatlatte says:

    Is this on Roan Mountain?

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