I was driving 100 km/hour down the highway just southwest of Princeton when my wife said “I see a moose!”. I turned around as quickly as I could and doubled back. When she saw the moose, it was actually in the water, drinking. When I got back there, it was out of the water, peering through these trees trying to figure out if I was a threat or not. I cranked up my ISO to 3200 and still could only get a 1/30 sec. shutter speed (it was pretty dim by this time in the evening in the mountains). I took one shot and then went to my car to get my tripod and then the moose was gone. Happy I got the one shot off. IMG_2900

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2 Responses to Moose

  1. Coralee Cook says:

    your wife really is the hero of this story 🙂 Nice shot sweetie

  2. Brandt says:

    Isn’t it just a Great Dane?

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