Osoyoos Lake at Night

Night photography has become an interest of mine over the last year or so. With a lot of the pictures I find myself saying, “well that didn’t work”. But after some experimenting and sometimes a bit of luck, I click the shutter and I like what I see. This shot was taken overlooking the north end of Osoyoos Lake. My friend Brandt and I were out late one night trying different shots at this location. I decided to leave my shutter open quite a bit longer than what a proper exposure would call for and I liked what I saw. Even though it was very dark out, this picture appears much much brighter because of the long exposure. On the computer, I made the sky at the top of the picture a darker blue than the original exposure to give a bit of punch to the picture. I like how this one turned out. It’s amazing how much detail your camera can see and capture in the dark if you take some time and do some experimenting.


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