Fire at Night

Sometimes you find photographic opportunities in things that you ultimately wish weren’t there. Such was the case last night. My friend Brandt and I took a drive down to Osoyoos Lake and got a great view of the fire on the mountain side just above the lake. It was a neat opportunity but I also hate to see fires like this – especially so close to homes. As I’ve said before, night photography is tricky business (at least for me). There are some things that I’ve learned and yet every time I come home, I realize things I could have tried or done differently. On this particular night, I wish I had upped my ISO more to get more light in the picture (easier to do an effective job of this on the camera than in post processing for night shots). Also, I wish I had tried some bracketed shots for an HDR exposure. Didn’t think of that. However, I do like the look of this shot and more importantly, it was super fun to be out there with a good friend.


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