Prairie Sunrise

We are visiting family who live in Regina, Sask. I thought that it would be fun to try to photograph a prairie sunrise. Living in the mountains, I never get that opportunity. So my son and I got up at 4:30 a.m. yesterday and headed out of town. We chose a spot and then set up the tripod just on the edge of this field, waiting for that sun to rise. At 5:25, that big orange ball in the sky made its appearance. This is my first attempt at HDR photography. For this shot, I combined 5 exposures together with Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro. Within the 5 exposures, I ranged from 2-stops underexposed to 2-stops overexposed in order to get the true color in the sky and also a nicely exposed foreground. I tried to keep the picture looking fairly natural without going to surreal extremes, which people often do with HDR photography. My only regret is that there was a bit of a breeze which blew the wheat around, causing it not to be as sharp as I would have hoped. My favourite part of any sunrise is watching that sun as it first peeks over the horizon – so cool.Balanced HDR

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